Monday, July 18, 2011


Last week my new Toddy came in the mail! It's a cold brew coffee system and I'm obsessed. We got a restaurant sized Toddy at Cluny (old stomping grounds) a couple of months ago and I became hooked on what I liked to call, "Magic Coffee", always begging Nicole (the sweet barista) to give me more ;) 
So, I got my own! 

Cold brew coffee is 67% less acidic than regular coffee :) 

I had to wait a couple of days on the coffee. You need coarse ground beans and the ONLY coffee shop in town's grinder was broken for two days...... 

Chris says this is not "coarsely ground"..... shoot. 

Once you add the grinds and the water, you must let it brew for at LEAST 12 hours. Then the concentrate is good in the fridge for up to two weeks. 


So now I'm sipping my magic coffee and catching up on the adorable blog: Olive Singley and the beautiful blog Kiss My Spatula (she blogs about Vietnamese iced coffee today...process sounds kind of similar).

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