Monday, July 11, 2011

Gorgeous Gowns in Dirty Stables

Last week I got this text from a friend:
"Any chance we can talk you into modeling for us?"

Suni started a magazine here in CT called Serendipity. It is such a cool mag, and it's doing SO well.

I am desperate for work. ANY type of work, so I answer: "Umm, sure!" 

This was her reply:

"So, it's a non-paying gig. But you may be on the cover of our fall issue! It will be from 3PM-8PM at Yonkers Race Track. You will have your own makeup artist and hair stylist on site and you'll be wearing high end gowns from some amazing designers!" 

Um. SOLD. I am OBSESSED with dresses. And I love having my hair and makeup done, considering I don't so much as own one hair product or styling tool and my hair doesn't even see a hair dryer in the summer.... As for my typical makeup regimen?? Eyeshadow, mascara, and blush. I love being made up :) 

So here are a few iphone photos from the shoot. I really did have a blast. And everyone was so great. Awesome photog. Hilarious makeup artist. Cool hair stylist. 

it rained... I have on like 7 Alexis Bittar bangles here. MY FAVORITE. 

$4,000 dress. I am standing on tarp to make sure it never touched the dirty ground! We are in the stables here. Horses coming in an out-muddy, wet. 

gimlet at the end of the shoot :) we didn't actually wrap up till like 9:30ish.

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