Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AL in CT

Last night I decided to create a Mexican feast at home, daring not to venture our for Mexican as we now know it does not exist close by.  

The Menu:
Fresh Watermelon Margaritas
Homeade Guacamole
Tequila-Orange-Lime Marinated Chicken Tacos (marinated for 6 hours)
Paprika-Garlic Marinated Fish Tacos (marinated for 4)
Mexican Grilled Corn...I lie. After 3 watermelon margs, i forgot about the corn. No corn.

It was like 91 degrees yesterday up yonder. Chris got home around 6PM, complaining that the AC had shut off on the train about half way in. Poor thing in that hot suit... ;)

So, I handed him an icy cold marg and we sat out in our plastic lawn chairs, enjoying the breeze & the view. At this hour there are lots of folks milling around on our street. Excercising, walking the dog, kids playing. 

I cute woman called over the fence, "Did y'all just buy this house?" YES, she said y'all. I, per usual, immediately thought: "Southern. I need to know her." 

Chris and I get up and walk to the edge of our yard and meet Winnifred, the mom from Montgomery, ALABAMA. Her 9-year old Winnie. And their cool Labradoodle, Skipper. We chatted with Winnifred for about an hour. She's our neighbor! And she has Alabama Football PARTIES at her house! Her husband John walked over and we spoke with him too. They've lived on this street for 14 years. 

Another neighbor stopped by to say hi. Her name is Francisca. "Like Franciso, but with and A" Got it. She seemed great too :) She's been on our street for 9 years. 

They all raved and raved about our street, the neighborhood, Old Greenwich. 

It got me a little excited about our future here...

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