Friday, July 8, 2011

Dutch Style-Danish Design-German Made.

I get a LOT of questions about Big Red. Just this morning, in front of the coffee shop, "WOW! What a classic! Where did you get this bike? How old is it??" 

I equate having such a beautiful bike to having a really cute puppy. People are always staring, usually smiling, and always stopping you to ask questions. 

So I brushed up on my facts: 
  • She is a Velorbis bicycle. Velorbis is a made up word and is composed from the words “VELO” which means “Bicycle” in several European languages and the word “ORBIS” which is the word for “Rotation” in Latin. 
  • She is a Dutch-style bicycle designed by a super talented design team in Copenhagen, Denmark-the no. 1 cycling city in the world!
  • It the Dannebrog (pronounced ’Dan-eh-broh’) bike-beautiful red upright bike for ladies that reflects the history and heritage of Denmark and its world renowned chic and relaxed cycling culture. 
  • All Velorbis classic bicycles are equipped as standard with all-inclusive leather luxury from Brooks - the world-leading English saddle maker since 1866.
  • The sit-up-and-beg style provides a posture-friendly and relaxed riding position and gives a high vantage point from which to view the traffic. It also makes it easy to look behind you and take in all of the sights and sounds of the city, like that 19th century Parisian - the flâneur. 
And there ya have it :) 

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