Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pesto Messto

Yesterday I was super stoked to make a gorge pea pesto I saw on Smitten Kitchen. I was going to shell the peas myself, make the pesto, toss with a little pasta, top with some fresh basil and serve :) 

the peas were TINY. 

So I went BACK to the store and bought some walnuts, ditched the peas, and whipped up a walnut pesto. I got the recipe off Kiss My Spatula.

insanely delicious. 

So I cooked up some whole wheat pearled cous cous I already had. Diced some cherry tomatoes I already had, tore up some left over fresh basil, shredded a little more parm, and tossed all with the walnut pesto. This salad was SO good. I packed in a picnic for the beach last night, served room temp. I want to add chickpeas next time! 

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