Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Live, Work, Create.

I kind of wanted to start a blog. Well....another blog. And my husband really wanted me to start a blog. So, I polled a few friends and they suggested I go for it. So here we are!

What's it about? 

A couple things: 

I just discovered the Instagram app on my iPhone and I'm OBSESSED. I've basically been photo-documenting my life on Facebook with each and every photo I have taken in the past two weeks. I hate status updating and I think tweeting is ridiculous....but I might as well be doing both with all the updating on FB I've been doing. So, maybe I should start a blog? A photo blog! 

I'm recently married and a little less than two months after our wedding we are moving from the City to live in the BURBS. THEN, in the fall we are going to move back to the city and into my TINY kitchen-less studio for 8 months while we renovate a house that was built in 1924. Are we CRAZY? Should be interesting. I have a lot on my mind. Maybe I should write about it? 

A couple of weeks ago I scrolled through my Roaming Volunteer blog and was astonished that I had already forgotten so much of what I experienced on that amazing journey. Thank God for the blog-my virtual journal of sorts. Maybe I should keep up another virtual journal about life now? 

Oh, AND I'm currently unemployed. I quit my job to move to the burbs and while I'm looking for my new "career", I know I will go crazy without something to work on.

Maybe I should create a blog? 

So, it will be mostly photos I'm taking and loving and a little about a fresh start in the suburbs, renovating a house, moving back to the West Village while renovating that house, learning to become a master chef, and getting comfortable in marriage and losing my once hated-now beloved, middle name-Phelan (Pronounced: Feelin').

(photo was taken this morning on 10th Avenue).

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