Thursday, June 23, 2011

Street Party

I had one of those random New Yorky neighborhoody kind of evenings last night. Chris got home around 6PM, we packed boxes and looked at wedding photos, and packed, and I looked at wedding photos, and he packed. Then we walked across to Tartine for dinner around 9PM. 

We frequent our beloved Tartine, not only because it's conveniently located across the street, but it's also delicious and BYO. We squeeze into the uncomfortable and rickety chairs at a tiny table on the street. There is a man eating mussels and fries behind me. (Side note: He dated our waitress for 8 years, they broke up a year ago, and now they're best friends....strange. He tells me this later). 

Chris and I crack a bottle, order our fave, and start talking about the big move on Friday, how excited we both are, how much we still have to pack, and how quickly we know our summer of squatting in our new home will pass us by. 

It turns into an inspirational and slightly exhausted lecture on "GOING FOR IT" from Chris on the subject of my photography. (This happens every now and then). I start making big promises of actually getting started, creating a website, taking it seriously. It continues on for about an hour. Him coaching and encouraging, me making excuses and promises. 

Anyway, to cut to the chase. Our fave waitress-Natasha, shows up on her night off to pick up our other fave waitress-Amanda. They have a hot date. We get a glass for Natasha, she pulls up a chair and joins us while she waits for Amanda to close up shop. She spots mussel man behind me, says hello and now we are all chatting and sipping our wine on the street. Turns out, he's an awesome photographer AND best part, he doesn't photograph PEOPLE. "Me either!," I exclaim. We engage in a lengthy conversation on the subject, share photos, and encouraging words. Check his photos out here: 

It was awesome. I felt such inspiration, not only from my dear cheerleader husband, but from this amazing 60 year old photographer who has never taken a class, found his nitch, and has been written up in the Times AND had 3 successful gallery shows in Berlin, New York, and L.A. 

Will we have these encounters in the burbs? These lovely random evenings? Do they have BYO there?? 

Movers come at 9AM tomorrow..... 

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