Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Silence

It's 8:00AM and I'm curled up in our big red chair in my sunroom, with my laptop, and the view of high tide. Dixie is curled up at my feet, being such a good and chill dog ;) Oh! We got a puppy, from Alabama. Will post about her SOON! 

I'm not feeling so hot this AM, so decided to work from home till lunch. Oh! I now work full time at Serendipity magazine! I am an Ad Sales Executive and this morning I landed my first meeting!! Maybe I should work from home more often ;)

There is just such a sweet silence this morning out here in the burbs. The construction crew has arrived at the house down the street and their hammers and staple guns are out! The moms and kids are jumping into their cars to head to school - they usually walk - but it's 16 degrees out this morning. And Dixie is now chewing on a stick she brought in last night. 

I should try and get some work done before she needs a walk! 

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