Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CT or Bust

So, we're here. For good. Full-time Connecticut residents. I wasn't planning for this quite yet (and we all know I am a planner). But the economy took a nose dive and so did our plans to gut renovate. Chris and I made a pretty solid decision to hold off on the major work until things are a little less volatile in the marketplace. We were supposed begin the work in two weeks, which meant moving back to our little studio in the city until the house was ready. I was kind of looking forward to that. I never really said goodbye to NY, because I always thought we'd be going back. We still have the studio and can of course go in anytime. It's just different... 

However, this was the smartest, safest, and least stressful decision we could have made and we are both super happy with it. We don't need the extra space (yet) and our house is such a gem. It just needs a little help. 

So, we are "sprucing"! The (new) plan is to paint the entire house inside and out, re-finish the floors, add some new furniture, do some landscaping and get on with it. 

I've never done this before and I'm a little anxious. I must have perused the Benjamin Moore color wheel a thousand times. Ballet White? Antique White? White Dove? Maritime White? How is one to choose? Or know what will look best? I nervously settled for Sailcloth for the living room. I'm afraid I chose based on name. But it looks good! Kind of boring, but neutral. Chris wants to paint the ENTIRE house stark white. Absolutely not. So in order to compromise, I must pick boring neutrals that are mere shades away from white.

I'll post before and after pics soon! 

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